E&I Public Sourcing, a not-for-profit cooperative purchasing organization, is dedicated to bringing contract savings and efficiencies to public entities nationwide. As a division of Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services (E&I), E&I Public Sourcing draws on more than 75 years of experience in higher education procurement. E&I Public Sourcing aims to leverage its consortium purchasing expertise to connect state government agencies, cities, municipalities, counties and school districts (K-12) with high quality, easily accessible contracts.

E&I Public Sourcing joins with public entities to offer publicly solicited contracts that take advantage of the pooled purchasing power of public agencies to lower the costs of goods and services. Key additional features include:

Significant Upfront Savings and Efficiencies

Aggregating Purchasing Power

  • Facilitates access to contracts nationwide
  • Consolidates spend for increased savings

Expertise in Public Procurement

  • A world-class team of purchasing professionals, many of whom draw upon years of experience in the public sector, works with public agencies to build solid agreements that can be extended to a nationwide audience
  • E&I Public Sourcing benchmarks offering to assure "Best-in-Breed" Value

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